Sunday, 3 February 2013

Full Colour Friggle

Here it is The Friggle in glorious technicolour. Over the last 3 months I've been gradually picking up pace and have finally produced 24 full colour concepts accompanied by 81 rough page layouts for review.

Friggle for me perceives himself as the ruling class. He rides around on the back of his noble steed Dennis the ultra violet iguana. He does this whilst barking instructions and generally giving rambling, animated diatribes communicating his world view and opinions to Dennis. His appearance is in-part based on Patrick Moore the astronomer and broadcaster who passed away December 2012.Although I imagine his manner, unfortunately would be closer to that of Andrew Starky.

It is Friggle's relationship with Dennis that got me thinking more broadly about relationships between races and characters within Tooth and Nail. Friggle is in part a throwback to Britain's colonial past and Tooth and Nail in many ways deals with the end of empire.

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